At Bennett Design, we are curious to know what organizations need to create peak performance, engage with their teams and to drive their growth and innovation. We want to play an active role in helping our clients design for the work of the future.

The Bennett Design proprietary d.i.g.™ Workplace Strategy Program is a series of tools developed to provide you with fact-based reports that establish quantitative and qualitative baselines which will highlight real estate and space opportunities and knowledge-based programming options to help you maximize your facilities to their fullest potential with an outlook to optimizing future growth and business drivers as well as employee engagement. We will discover the red flag issues and behaviors that are not supporting your business, culture and character as well as the initiatives that are – we believe in fixing the problems but protecting the valuable positive features that make your organization tick.

The Bennett Design d.i.g.™ program allows us to provide you with insight into how you are working today, with outlooks to what you will need for tomorrow. We designed the proprietary d.i.g.™ program to offer clients the ability to surpass the standard Discovery Phase of a project and to provide a view to their future through an in-depth dive into their business, their people and ultimately their space based on their own unique needs. Each d.i.g.™ project culminates with formal presentations, a detailed report of baseline findings, space programming and comprehensive design directives that clearly articulate a directed path to designing a space that is specific to that client.


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