We approach every project with a future vision to workplace and retail success. In order to design ‘ahead of the curve’, we have developed four fundamental design priorities that challenge and influence the way we think about designing for people in a way that considers future needs, both known and unknown. With our client’s priorities top of mind, we strive to mitigate risk and develop a project strategy that creates a direction for a smart, creative, adaptive and pure design solution. These priorities help ignite the conversation that will lead us together to successfully achieving your unique vision.


At Bennett Design we strive to think bigger. We pride ourselves on our business-driven approach to space solutions. Through the data we collect, we provide a comprehensive roadmap that allows you to realize the vision for your space based on your strategic business drivers, leadership direction, departmental and individual needs, as well as capturing and celebrating your unique culture. Projects today aren’t just about space. They are about business and how we will be working tomorrow. We marry your strategic business planning with a defensible space solution and examine the future of work and how technology, mobility and leadership will disrupt and change the way we currently do business.



A well-designed interior space affects behavior and mood. An interior that considers not only aesthetics but also the interactions and directed flow of people, the volume of space, textures, elements of interest and colour palette can be effective in positively influencing behaviors. Space can invite reverence, exude energy and excitement, encourage creativity and support productivity through movement and interaction. Employees require the autonomy to work in a way that best suits their role, activity and frame of mind in order to be engaged, productive and fulfilled in their work. Today’s most forward-thinking corporate offices are a wonderful blend of individual, interactive and community space. Our spaces are designed to encourage interaction and intuitive use and to offer choice and control to each worker in a personal way.



Global environmental warnings are now a reality and we are taking our role as Interior Designers at the “top of the specification food chain” very seriously. We have the power to influence manufacturers to produce products with lighter environmental footprints and we have the expertise to utilize materials and employ construction methodologies to create healthier work environments that have less impact on our natural world. Through the Bennett Pure Design™ initiative, we consciously and intentionally plan our projects to be as earth-friendly as possible.



Change has become the new constant in business. Companies can no longer plan far into the future without building in contingencies and escape hatches for the unknown factors of change that will surely alter or sabotage our best strategic goals. Embracing and understanding that our work environments are changing is provoking us to consider our processes and the ways in which we design and deliver projects. At Bennett Design, we have learned to be Darwinian in our approach – we know you won’t always work like you do today so creating space that is flexible, moveable, transformable and elastic will give you the ability to respond to change as it comes and prevent unnecessary construction, cost, downtime and environmental impact.



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