Today, the world around us is changing and with global environmental warnings becoming realities, we have taken our position at the ‘top of the specification food chain’ very seriously. We know that we can influence productivity, efficiency and overall personal contentment in spaces through the use of discovery tools, knowledge, planning, colour and light. In response, we have developed an environmental initiative, Pure Design, that provides every client with a design solution that includes responsible product specification and design practices – whether or not the client chooses to conform to LEED building standards.

Pure Design is the practice of specifying products and solutions that support our collective efforts to limit our footprint on the natural environment. We believe in supporting suppliers who are working to improve their products and manufacturing methods to better respect the world around us. Ultimately, we are hoping to one day be able to provide full ‘cradle to cradle’ solutions for every aspect of our designs.

The Green Initiatives Tracking Sheet is a report Bennett Design prepares for every client upon project completion. The report lists the specific design elements incorporated into their workspace, and the subsequent benefits related to employee health & safety and the environment. This document is intended as a launching platform from which clients are free to build upon and share with both employees and customers.

We are proud to offer this service, and our clients should be proud of their efforts too.


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